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Receive Significant Savings on One-time Purchase of OUP Online Products

From now until March 27, Oxford University Press is offering Amigos members special discounts on these selected online products.

Ambrose Announces 2015 Whole Catalog Promo

Ambrose is offering special value on its 2015 Whole Catalog offer. This is good news to members that appreciate the educational content of Ambrose Video Publishing through their licenses to such products as the BBC Shakespeare Series, as well as a myriad of History and Science programs.

IGI Global Offers Free Access to "Cross-Genre Study of Online Gaming: Player Demographics, Motivation for Play, and Social Interactions Among Players"

Since the 90s, certain acts of violence have been highly publicized because the perpetrators had a history of playing video games containing violent elements. Some research has found that violent video game use correlates with a temporary increase in aggression and a decrease in prosocial behavior, but these results have not been consistent.