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Need Humanities and Social Sciences Resources?

Bloomsbury Press offers discounts to Amigos members on their online platform Bloomsbury Collections, which delivers instant access to quality humanities and social sciences resources.

IGI Global Offers Free Access to "Digital Teens and the ‘Antisocial Network'"

Trolling has become an international phenomenon. Generally speaking, trolling is the victimization of internet users, closely associated with cyber-bullying or other forms of online abuse. Behaviors associated with trolling have caused world-wide concern and apprehension to internet users, parents, and authorities.

Applications Being Accepted for Amigos Fellowship

Do you have an idea for an innovative service? Need funds for vital research? The Amigos Fellowship and Opportunity Award Program supports library innovation, development, and research. Through a competitive selection process, up to $10,000 is available annually to Amigos member libraries and their staffs to fund projects that stress innovation, cooperation, leadership, and development of libraries and librarians.