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IGI Global Offers Free Access to "Designing Collaborative Activities to Promote Understanding and Problem-Solving"

Ideas have sex. Well, at least that is what Matt Ridley said in his TED Talk about the interchange of ideas. Ridley argues that it is the meeting and mating of ideas that propels progress. Just as basic to human nature as reproduction, Clay Shirky argues, is our desire to use what he calls cognitive surplus to work together toward our common good. What Ridley and Shirky are talking about is collaboration.

Get Free Access to Adam Matthew's American History in 50 Documents This Month

For the entire month of March, Adam Matthew will provide free access to American History in 50 Documents, 50 hand-picked documents and associated analyses of their importance, from the first module of American History, 1493-1945, sourced exclusively from the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History in New York.

Amigos Members Named IMLS National Medal Finalists