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Learn to Organize Exhibitions for Your Library

Have you ever wanted to create an exhibition but didn’t know where to begin? Join us for our new course, "Organizing Exhibitions,” and learn practical guidance in creating and organizing successful exhibitions.

Amigos Helping RDA Transition with Toolkit Discounts and Training

As a reminder, Amigos is continuing to assist member libraries with the transition to the RDA cataloging standard through toolkit discounts and training. As an Amigos member, the first concurrent user is free. Additional concurrent users are available at 15% off the American Library Association’s list price. Visit the Amigos website for detailed information about the RDA Toolkit.

Amigos eShelf update

Over the summer we continued to work on the Amigos eShelf℠ service, and now it is ready. Early Release libraries will start using it in August, with availability to other libraries in the fall.