EZproxy 5.3 Now Available

The library community’s leading authentication and access solution has been enhanced again.

EZproxy version 5.3 contains several enhancements and fixes, including:

  • A new function, Length, returns the number of characters in a string. This functionality is helpful in complex user.txt configurations for verifying and parsing strings. An example usage would be:

    Set x1 = "1"
    Set x2 = "12"
    Set x5 = "12345"
    Set x10 = "1234567890"
    If Length(x1) == 1 && Length(x2) == 2 && Length(x5) == 5
    && Length(x10) == 10 {
    Msg Length test passes
    } else {
    Msg Length test fails

  • EZproxy V5.3 now supports the latest Shibboleth Version 2.1 Identity Providers (IdPs) for authentication. This move expands the number of Shibboleth IdPs available to an even wider range—all IdPs from V1.3 forward are now supported.
  • A new option, Option CookiePassThrough, passes ALL cookies through EZproxy to the user’s browser. Adding this option provides wider flexibility for the service to work with additional Web sites that may require a cookie to be set.
  • LOGFORMAT now returns the correct number of bytes transferred for https connections. This correction will help libraries more accurately track usage statistics for EZproxy-enabled sessions.
  • There were a number of additional minor fixes to improve the overall stability of EZproxy.
  • We encourage you to upgrade to EZproxy 5.3 to stay current with the latest features. Please review the enhancements page and upgrade at your earliest convenience.

See more details and a full list of changes

Upgrade to EZproxy 5.3

Hosted EZproxy, coming soon

A hosted version of EZproxy is currently in pilot, in which participating libraries are automatically and seamlessly updated to the latest version of EZproxy as soon as it’s available. Please contact ezproxy@oclc.org if you are interested in the hosted version of EZproxy.