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Q 1: The lead singer of which band was a drummer found in Nirvana and dubbed as "the nicest man in rock"?

Q 2: Which Festival did the London Scottish Pipers play in 1969?

Q 3: Which 'Lord' used to "leap around" and called himself 'The first of the long-hairs'?

Q 4: 'Dancing was always her trump card' and she's still playing it, who is she?

Q 5: The return of which act in 2009 was heralded as a 'genuine cultural event' rather than 'middle-aged rockers milking cash-in'?

Q 6: Who was referred to as 'the great Swan of Liverpool' by Allen Ginsberg and referenced in a 1972 International Times article?

Q 7: Producer Mitch Miller included 'alternating the sound of honking wild geese with French horns' to a 1950 track by which artist?

Q 8: Which couple exchanged 'gold rings' in the Dominican Republic on May 26th 1994?

Q 9: Who left the Oasis and became a High Flying Bird?

Q 10: Who's manager avoided giving an audience its money back when a singer failed to turn up by presenting two caged hens on a hot plate?

Q 11: The lead singer of which band played Moscow's 2017 May Day, took a fall in rehearsals and couldn't get up again, like a turtle?

Q 12: In 1968 John Lennon invited somebody to London, who in 1998 said "I don't remember what started it. There were 13 of us shipped over here. Two Hell's Angels, three rock promoters, two ex-jocks, one rock 'n' roller and a partridge in a pear tree [laughs]. We were shipped over, for what reason I do not know, but we found ourselves here just before Christmas." - Who was John Lennon's guest?


The winner receives:

  • For your Institution: Complementary 12-month unlimited access subscription to RBP for your institution with a guaranteed 20% persistent discount if you renew the subscription.
  • For You: An original copy of Rolling Stone magazines 5th Anniversary issue published December 7th 1972 AND a signed hard back copy of 'Joni: The Anthology', edited by Barney Hoskyns...

The runner up receives:

  • For your Institution: A 12-month unlimited access subscription to RBP for your institution with at a 50% persistent discount.
  • For You: An original copy of Rolling Stone magazine published December 20, 1973 AND an original copy of Phonograph Record magazine published December 20, 1971.

All Participants receive:

  • A 12-month unlimited access subscription to RBP for your institution with a 25% persistent discount*.

For more information, contact Megan Bryant at bryant@amigos.org or 800-843.8482, ext. 2896.

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