Lock in Pricing on Docuseek2 Complete Collection 2nd Edition

As the streaming video platform Docuseek2's catalog continues to grow, they recently launched The Docuseek2 Complete Collection 2nd Edition, projected to be over 1800 titles by the end of 2020.

If Amigos members sign up for a three-year subscription between now and December 31, they can license The Docuseek2 Complete Collection 2nd Edition (1800 titles) for the current price of the 1st Edition (1200 titles)! By licensing before the end of this year, libraries lock in the old price for the next three years, and get all new content that Docuseek2 adds over that period -- an average of 200 exclusive and award-winning titles a year at no extra charge!

If you prefer the Life of File model, they are also offering a discount on the Evidence-Based Acquisition (EBA) program. Sign up for access to the entire Complete Collection 2nd Edition for one year by December 31, and at the end of the year, subscribers select 60 titles (was 40) to keep for the life of the file and receive a significantly discounted price.

For more information or to request a quote, contact Megan Bryant at bryant@amigos.org or 800-843-8482, ext. 2896.