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Discovery Tools Now and in the Future

Libraries have long been a bridge connecting their communities to information resources. Discovery tools promise heightened visibility of library resources and ease of use on the part of the user.

Public and academic libraries continue to maintain diverse and specialized collections to meet their users’ demands. This conference will take a look at how the experience of adopting a discovery tool has affected specific libraries, show the lessons learned, and provide some insight into where discovery service is headed.

Has your library implemented a discovery tool? Are you assessing the user’s experience with discovery tools? Have you worked through any implementation issues that would be helpful to others? Have you developed evaluation criteria for selecting a discovery tool? If you can speak on one of these topics, or if you have another idea, submit your proposal by clicking here. The deadline for submitting proposals is September 10.

Online events eliminate your travel time by allowing you to present from the comfort of your office. Don’t worry if you’ve never presented online; it’s easy and we are happy to help you.

If you have questions about the conference topic or presenting at an online conference, contact Arta Kabashi, or 800-843-8482, ext. 2857.

Amigos provides a deposit account service that helps libraries to reduce overhead and that can be used for a variety of services. Using funds on account as a method of payment is fast, easy, and economical. Here's a sampling of how you can put those funds to work for you:

  • e-resource subscriptions
  • Courier service
  • Library products (barcodes, tattletapes, security, and more)
  • Workshops, conferences, training
  • Contractual services

Contact Connie Burnett at about establishing or replenishing your institution's Amigos deposit account.